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My new video shows how you can cover redness and imperfections and still keep your makeup light and transparent Among all small imperfections, red spots, whether temporary or permanent, are the most common imperfections. In many cases the cause of redness is simply very transparent skin making small veins show through. Cold, heat, sun, wind, but also stress, alcohol and spicy food may also make veins expand and cause red spots. To keep them at bay avoid these triggering factors, but as well too frequent or too aggressive peelings, and

  When it comes to mature eye makeup, “less is more” is the motto to follow, as we have seen already in the chapter dedicated to mature skin makeup. Keep it light, as far as the textures are concerned and the colours, but also your application techniques! Which colors are your best friends? With age, we feel more and more often rather like bringing out discreetly our assets and overplay the features we like less, instead of impressing with an artful makeup. Better forget about those rainbow color eyeshadows, which

Definitely one of the questions most asked during my makeup classes is, what can makeup do for me when I’m 45+? Which products won’t look heavy? How to do an anti-aging makeup? Mature skin demands particular attention: small lines need to be hidden, brightness and glow are needed for youthfulness. In this video, I’ll show you step by step how to work your skin smooth and flawless, all in lightweight textures. The secret for flawless skin over 45: products which are efficient but ultra lighweight Moisturizing is key: mature skin

Flawless skin: the makeup brushes you need

After a first article dedicated to my favorite foundation brushes, here now the second part of my little guide: concealer and powder brushes you won’t want to live without… 😉 The most underestimated makeup brush: the concealer brush Even if you prefer applying your foundation with your hands or the help of a Beauty Blender, perfect skin requires a concealer brush to correct imperfections and dark circles under your eyes. Personnally I prefer a round and pointed shape (like a crayon, actually, hence the name crayon brush) which gets easily

Eyelash curlers: expert tips on how to work them

Dizzying curves all day… Always one of my favourite staples, I use eyelash curlers on almost everyone. They instantly “open” the eye, whichever mascara I’ll apply afterwards (never before or you risk breaking your lashes!). If you have naturally dark lashes you might not even want to put any mascara on, the curling adding already “expression”. How to choose your eyelash curler To get the full benefit you might want to choose the right curler for your eyes as there are quite some differences to sizes and shapes. A long

Makeup in fresh spring colors

A makeup using fresh spring colors, bright green and coral, an invigorating combination also in winter. The green eyeliner I used in this video is actually a powder eyeshadow, which I applied with a moist eyeliner brush. Basically all powder eyeshadows can be thus transformed into eyeliner.   THE PRODUCTS I USED IN THIS VIDEO : Corrector: Shu Uemura, Point Cealer, col. medium light / Brush: MAC, Pinceau rond, pointu 219 / Compact powder: Shu Uemura, Dual Fit, col. beige / Powder brush: MAC, Gros pinceau biseauté / Eyeshadow: Shu Uemura, col. medium green 575 / Eyeshadow brush: Shu Uemura, Pinceau

Lipstick at the office: my advice in Madame Figaro

La semaine dernière, j’ai eu la chance d’avoir été contactée par Amandine Seguin, journaliste pour le magazine Elle souhaitait écrire un article sur le maquillage au bureau et m’a demandé quelques conseils sur les différentes nuances de rouge à lèvres idéales dans le milieu professionnel. C’est un sujet que je rencontre très souvent dans le cadre de mes sessions de Beauty Coaching. Comme je trouve cet article bien écrit et très intéressant, je voulais vous en faire profiter ! Je sais qu’il répondra à toutes vos questions brûlantes au sujet du

The most seductive makeup for Valentine’s day: tips and tricks…

L’arme fatale : vos yeux ! Comment rendre irrésistiblement sexy vos beaux yeux ? Un smokey en version archi fondue vous donne le regard intense et envoûtant. Vous le réalisez en contournant l’oeil avec un crayon, suivi par des fards crémeux que vous appliquez sur la paupière mobile, étirés vers l’extérieur et le haut, au-delà du creux, pour vous dessiner des yeux de chat. Vous superposez le tout avec des fards scintillants et pailletés et estompez… beaucoup pour un makeup chic et glamour, ou moins lisse pour un look plus

A smokey eye in midnight blue for hypnotising brown eyes

Almost all colors work with brown eyes, as brown is basically a mix of all colors available…. But to make brown eyes really pop, I love contrasts, which bring out all the multi-colored sparkles. A cool midnight blue smoky eye will effectiveley warm up the dark brown eyes of my model Noa and give them vibrance. Les yeux marron ont la chance de bien s’assortir avec presque toutes les couleurs. Pour les mettre en valeur, j’aime bien les teintes en contraste, qui réveillent plein de reflets multi-colores dans le brun.

The Spoolie Brush, the mascara helper

How to get XL lashes When it comes to mascara, whether subtly lengthening or full volume, separation is key to maximise its effect. Clumps are just not an option. A small and inconspicious helper masters even the most luscious textures: A clean mascara brush, available at MAC, Dior and & Other Stories. The technique is simple: Right after application of the mascara and before it has entirely dried, you quickly comb lashes upward and use the tip to separate them and clean away clumps. 
Bonus: Cleaned of all mascara residue, the

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