Eyelash curlers: expert tips on how to work them

Dizzying curves all day…

Always one of my favourite staples, I use eyelash curlers on almost everyone. They instantly “open” the eye, whichever mascara I’ll apply afterwards (never before or you risk breaking your lashes!).

If you have naturally dark lashes you might not even want to put any mascara on, the curling adding already “expression”.

How to choose your eyelash curler

To get the full benefit you might want to choose the right curler for your eyes as there are quite some differences to sizes and shapes. A long and round one is good for big and round eyes, like the VIP version from Shu Uemura. Models insist on using this one…

Other eye shapes like almond-shaped or asian eyes for example will need a straighter, and maybe shorter curler to catch all the lashes. An efficient and very affordable one can be found at H&M.


For extra-hold try heating your (metal) curlers gently with a blowdryer.


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