Karina about her beauty coaching session:
“Louise made me think completely differently about makeup application. Her extensive experience and expertise is evident, this combined with her ability to understand individual challenges and needs she was able to help me tailor a look. Louise taught me lots of tricks, not only showed how to apply makeup but helped me try the techniques myself. She showed me how to get the most out of the makeup I already have, made new suggestions and answered all my makeup questions. I highly recommend spending some time with Louise – she’s a generous teacher and host who is passion for making women feel good about themselves. Thank you Louise!”


Diana about her beauty coaching session:
“I highly recommend a makeup lesson with Louise! I brought all of my makeup with me, and she reviewed everything, and provided suggestions on where improvements could be made and explained why. She showed me specific techniques for application and then I tried the technique myself and got her feedback. The final look she created was exactly what I asked for. I couldn’t be happier!”


Alicia about her beauty coaching session:
” This was an incredible experience. Louise was so professional and knowledgeable and did an amazing job at focusing on my assets and minimizing the pesky problem areas. She does not sell cosmetics so is completely unbiased and was able to recommend options based on her years as a fashion makeup artist, how to use the products (turns out just application can make a huge difference in optimizing the use for fantastic results), and also various looks depending on the look you’re after. She covered it all. She is passionate about and obviously loves what properly chosen and applied makeup can do. It was so much fun but more importantly it was the type of experience you can only hope for. A professional with years of experience providing a very personal service specific to you. Highly recommended. You won’t regret it.”


Marine about her beauty coaching and beauty shopping sessions:
“Avant de prendre rendez-vous chez Louise pour un cours de maquillage personnalisé et une séance de shopping maquillage, je ne me maquillais pas trop par peur d’en faire trop (surtout au niveau du fond de teint) ou tout simplement parce que je ne savais pas utiliser certains produits ( comme l’eyeliner). Louise m’a tout de suite rassurée et mise en confiance. Elle m’a demandé sur quoi je voulais travailler, les produits que j’utilise et ma routine maquillage. Ensuite, nous avons fait plusieurs essais de fond de teint. Son avis professionnel a été d’une grande aide et elle m’a tout de suite conseillé des produits qui cache les imperfections sans pour autant cacher mes taches de rousseurs. Elle m’ a montré comment l’appliquer d’un côté du visage puis m’a laissé faire. Le reste de la séance a continué ainsi avec d’autres produit et d’autres techniques d’application. Elle a été très patiente et toujours de bon conseil. J’ai même réussi à me mettre de l’eyeliner sans ressembler à un panda !! Un miracle, en soi.
La séance shopping s’est aussi extrêmement bien déroulée. Elle m’a montré plusieurs produits, a discuté avec les vendeuses quand les produits que nous voulions n’était pas disponibles et m’a conseillée tout du long. Je n’ai pas vu le temps passer !

Bref, l’expérience maquillage avec Louise a été un réel bonheur que je conseille à toutes celles ( et tous ceux) qui veulent (re)prendre en main leurs habitudes maquillage. Courez-y !!”

Emma about her beauty shopping  session:
“Louise welcomed me in her charming atelier. She would listen closely and respond exactly to my questions and expectations. What I wanted to discover was how to do flawless skin and a quick every day makeup. Louise showed me what didn’t work in my approach so far and which of my products weren’t good for me. With her I learnt how to do a natural and subtle makeup, which I can do quickly every morning! I’m sure I’ll contact Louise again to refine my skills and discover more makeup styles. Thank you!”  


Ariane about her beauty coaching session:
Never before I have felt as attractive and seductive! Louise really has a gift to find the right answers to all beauty questions. Being beautiful is simple really, and Louise made me discover this. Thank you!” 


Camilla about her Beauty Coaching follow-up session:
Louise is a real Pro with make up. She has showed me lots of great techniques that make all the difference to my make up. She advised me on the needs of my complexion and how to add light and shadow to suit my face.” 


Daïandra about her beauty coaching session:
Louise’s advice is precise and personalised, one learns how to evaluate oneself and how to work the right gestures (glowy complexion, smokey eyes, how to apply mascara).
My biggest discovery was the magic the eyelash curler can do… this instrument that I had completely abandonded the idea of how to master! This experience made me discover a whole new universe… I fully intend to get back to Louise with the goal of mastering other techniques…