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The Eyelash Curler, Your Best Makeup Friend for Big Eyes

Le recourbe cils permet d'ouvrir les yeux grands ouverts. Eyelash curlers gives you big eyes

These days, with the face masks covering up the lower halves of our faces, our eyes take all the attention. No more point to applying bright lip colors to freshen up your face, the eyes will have to do it all.Long time on my mind, it’s therefore now the perfect moment to introduce you to my favorite makeup tool, the eyelash curler, which in 10 seconds flat will open up your eyes!If for most of us false lashes are way too heavy looking, eyelash extensions or an “eyelash lift” (a

Corporate makeup: Glitter is often generally banned

A few days ago, Maren Hoffmann from Spiegel, the leading German news magazine, asked me a few questions about Corporate Makeup.I’m happy about the opportunity to speak about this subject which in 2020 still sparks emotions.Apart from grooming rules imposed by employers (hotels, for example or businesses in the luxury industries), it’s also about women living their femininity in the corporate context. Women being successful not despite, but because they are women. Women today don’t have to be either beautiful or intelligent, they may be both! A lot of companies

Out of lockdown, the fresh and glowy makeup you need now, in 7 easy steps

Un maquillage frais et naturel. A fresh and glowy out-of-lockdown makeup

Two months, which felt like at least four, with hardly any sun and very limited doses of fresh air… We are all yearning to get out of lockdown but, please, not looking like the cave-women we might feel like. Moving mainly between the desk and the couch, the kitchen and the bedroom, possibly exercising much less than normally and, between Zoom meetings and Netflix, way too much staring at screens, hasn’t helped making us look better. Getting out of a lockdown is a beauty challenge we have never faced before.

Foundation: how to find your perfect color

How to find the shade of foundation that perfectly matches your skintone seems to be one of the major beauty challenges. It’s the question I’m being asked most often in my makeup classes. And when it comes to the inventory of my clients’ makeup pouches, yes, it’s continously confirmed. Hardly anyone owns a foundation which has the right color for their skin. But determining the perfect match is actually not such a difficult task, once you follow a few simple rules… How to find your perfectly matching shade of foundation?

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