Individual makeup lesson

I am very happy to be back for you again from May 11.

Safety is my number one priority. I will do everything necessary to guarantee a perfectly safe environment, including hand sanitiser at your arrival and freely during sessions.

Obviously, brushes and tools are cleaned and disinfected systematically. With the makeup products I’ll proceed as I always have when for example at the fashion shows I work with a model with a cold sore: With a spatula I pick up a small amount of the chosen product and put it onto a clean palette and from there on my clients’ faces. This way there’s no contact between product and skin.

Temporarily, my makeup teaching will change:  I’ll be demonstrating application techniques on myself and direct you repeating them on your face.

Time slots for appointments will be 15 minutes longer to give us enough time for all safety procedures. Also, I will make sure you won’t meet anybody else while you are in my atelier.

Looking forward to seeing you again!


Individual makeup lesson in Paris

Being you but better, enhancing your beauty and style, this is what we’ll work on. Imagine your makeup course like a chat between you and me about your beauty questions and expectations. Getting to know your personality and your taste, I’ll help you finding the answers, step by step.

I’ll show you the best products for your skin type, and face structure. Together, step by step, we’ll look at application techniques to create your dream look. Under my guidance you’ll learn how to master all of them without effort.

With my advice, tips and tricks, I’ll guide you to find a makeup look which perfectly reflects your beauty wishes of the moment. Fresh and effortless or sophisticated and chic, together we’ll find the makeup look which is really you and which will be easy for you to master. I’ll teach you to explore all your beauty potential.

Price: 190€. 1h30
Location: Paris (Quartier du Marais) ou Berlin

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Cancellation free of charge up to 48h prior to your appointment.


You’d like to share this moment with your best friend? Complement the course with a fun beauty shopping tour? Or enhance your makeup skills further with a follow up course ?


More beauty services

Share a special beauty moment with your best friends, in my cosy atelier apartment in the Marais district in Paris. Discovering makeup styles, exchanging on beauty tips and secrets, you’ll have fun and learn a lot about yourself.

Découvrez les cours en groupe



You would like to refine what you’ve learnt during your makeup lesson? Boost your knowledge of cosmetic products? Master more sophisticated techniques?  Try out something new for this special party night?

Découvrez le beauty coaching + cours de suivi


Feeling like a particular look but don’t know what you need ? Want to get to know new brands or products ? How to spend your money if your budget is limited ? During the personal beauty shopping tour following up from your beauty coaching session I can help you with all these questions. I’ll help you to choose the right products for your needs and wishes.

Découvrez le beauty coaching + shopping


A job interview or a romantic date? A last-minute makeup crisis? A question concerning a product or a technique? My beauty services on your smartphone or computer, wherever you are comfortable.


On your wedding day you are going to be stunning. Your dress, hair and makeup, everything has to be perfect. This is your special day, everyone’s eyes are on you.

My job is to make you more beautiful than ever in your life. With 20+ years of fashion expertise, I’ll find the right colors and products for you, and the makeup look that’s still you, but in better, and that goes perfectly with your dress. You’ll radiate until the end of the night.