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Mask Makeup: The Best Makeup To Wear With Your Face Mask

The best makeup when wearing a mask/Le meilleur maquillage à porter avec un masque

Face masks have become the new unexpected fashion accessory. As they look as they are going to stick around for a good while, here are some professional makeup artist’s thoughts on mask makeup and tips and tricks on how to adapt your makeup routine. Tip no. 1: Make your eyes stand out With your lower half of the face covered, the obvious thing to do is to emphasize the upper half. As a first step I almost always curl the eyelashes to open up the eyes. Every time I do

Eyebrow Makeup: My best makeup artist’s tricks

Maquillage des sourcils

Eyebrows continue being in the spotlight… And, as with all fashions, we need to know how to make them work for us.I see a lot of women sporting very unflattering eyebrows. However, there are makeup solutions for all types of eyebrows, thin or thick, sparse or heavy.Here are my best 3 tricks for naturally beautiful eyebrows. It’s still all in the brow… During my makeup classes I realize to which degree women feel lost when it comes to finding the right eyebrow products and techniques.Eyebrows which are too visibly drawn,

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